Decentralize governance, empowering the gamers

πŸ›οΈ Governing the League of Kingdoms

Rather than limiting itself to just a fun game, the League of Kingdoms encompasses various elements that are economic, social, diplomatic, and political. With the communal experience centered around its alliance system, gamers can enjoy a delicate balance that mixes the best of social, casual, and hard-cord games.
In order to balance out the sophisticated nature of the game and its diverse group of users, a well-functioning governance system is an absolute must. The adoption of the token economy will not only highlight its importance but also enable more powerful governance functions.
πŸ“š Learn more about the concept and thoughts about the in-game governance tokens.

Governance process

A utility case of the $LOKA Token is that it would allow holders to propose and vote on on-chain governance proposals to determine future features, policies, content, and/or parameters of the platform.
Voting power and say is given proportional to the vote's amount of staked LOKA tokens. Voters with more LOKA staked are therefore given a greater degree of influence (voting weight) in deciding whether to apply the changes listed in a governance poll.
But, during the early phase of the game, the governance decision will be made by the core team through its locked Team, Game, Land, Staking, Ecosystem, and Reserve tokens. This will prevent malign actors from making hostile takeover efforts and disrupting the ecosystem during the early and crucial phases of platform development.
During the period, more advanced technological infrastructure to facilitate the decision process will be developed and released in 2022, including but not limited to, staking dashboard and governance agora.
We estimate that majority of locked tokens will be unlocked and the team will likely be a minority stake by 2024. At this point in time, we anticipate that the governing council will transition into a community-owned DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), fully controlled by the $LOKA token holders / stakers.

The most typical decisions made are

  • Reward decisions
    • ie. deploying treasury fund to top up/extend a particular reward stream
  • Investment decisions
    • CAPEX for infrastructure / R&D / M&A
    • OPEX for development / maintenance
      • ex) 10% of captured values will be used to fund the dev team's development and operation during the early phase of platform development
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